Today "día histórico" for the soap "Mi corazón es tuyo"

Today promises to be a día histórico for "Mi corazón es tuyo". After being announced days ago causing such a stir among fans who follow the telenovela daily, Monday will finally display the terrible accident that suffer Diego Lascurain. The character played by Pablo Montero endanger your life look like in the melodrama starring Silvia Navarro and Jorge Salinas.
Responsible for advancing the news was his producer Juan Osorio, who through Twitter invited missed chapter tonight because "it will be a día histórico for our novel" he wrote.

Moreover, Osorio told his followers that if today's chapter reports record audience "Diego remains" in the telenovela. "You decide".

To make the wait more enjoyable then publish some images of what will give him the accident that dramatically change the course of "Mi corazón es tuyo"