Start recording the soap opera "Caminos de Guanajuato"

Wine production in Mexico, the wine growing, harvesting, fermentation and the business would be ideal to create a story "Caminos de Guanajuato" love, intrigue and suspense Monday began officially inclusion in this guise city.

Iliana Fox, Erik Hayser, Dolores Heredia, Alvaro Guerrero, Alejandra Lazcano, Alberto Guerra, Fabián Korespon, Vanessa Acosta and head of the new telenovela by Spaniard Javier Pons for television produced Sylvia Saenz Azteca player.

This is a new version of the Spanish series "Gran Reserva" (2010) adaptation of Luis Felipe Ibarra is carried out and will be released in May of Azteca Thirteen of the ether.

"Caminos de Guanajuato" is the case of two families that "Colonel" and "Rivero" to present involved in the production of wine, but live in constant competition, as "Colonel" as a profitable business assimilated, while that for "Rivero" is a way of life.

In the middle of this approach in the past love story section and can now continue unless a big secret, the saved and affect many characters developed.

According to the producer Javier Pons, the plot is almost identical to the original, but adapted to the scenario and customs of Mexico.

"We want the essence because of the twists and events that honor occur very rapidly occur in each chapter. We always surprise the viewer with things that do not believe, but it will happen," he said.

He warned that the text interwoven and as beautiful as you choose, you can do it.

In the process of historical development stages of Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende will play a key role because of the beauty and attractions with the support of the state government, are highlighted.

When it comes to wine production and explains that there are mainly the love for the land and cultural traditions.

"If you listen to require 20 years of work, the production of wine, you are aware of why the fighting, the ambition to keep the earth, and no one will protect the tearing.

"It's a lifetime, not a regular business, very close to the ground, which requires a lot of time and effort in love, what you want to convey through the novel is" Pons said.

Although most of the characters are enjoying high economic resources, producers announced that they will be seen working in this field, smell, see, how they grow loads of vines to take in what direction, as the individual fields of vineyards, the level different climate and humidity.

"Caminos de Guanajuato" last month released its first scene in Argentina, in the Mexican Winter offers no support for the vintage is very present.

Melodrama, in which Rafael Sánchez Navarro and Claudia Lobo make cameos, consists of 90 chapters and has the support of the Mexican Wine Commission, as described Pons.

Monday in a house in Coyoacan Neighborhood in Mexico City, was officially claquetazo and Catholic Mass for the first admission of a soap opera. This place is home to the "Colonel" family.