Telenovela "Amor de Barrio" offers another view

Telenovela "Amor de Barrio" will not only reflect the many realities of Mexico, also will be a tribute to the customs, the environment, the cathedral and the colorful.

As Gabriel, Paul Stanley inject not only funny, but it will be a mirror of the many stories that are unknown.

In a telephone interview with AM, the driver was also happy with the project, which motivated him to leave the United States and lived in Mexico.

"I walked in the United States and there was an offer to do this, read the synopsis of the novel like it! And without thinking I said, let's do it, so back in Mexico," he said.

Before recording, Stanley, like other actors, divided into workshops recognition.

"That's all the workshops that we did prior to recording, to meet, to know the characters, and is becoming a sense of the most important," he said.

Paul described Gabriel as a child Barrio, which will surely attract the attention of viewers.

"Not just because of the Barrio but the problem character. In my workshops talked like we had, we did a tour of the neighborhood has contact with youth areas and their reality, is another way to see Mexico. I think people will want to refresh your memory of all news, but with a good story, honoring Mexico City with its surroundings, the Cathedral, the colors, the people, "he said.

What he proposes "Amor de Barrio" is a story digest, far from the clichés that surround the most part, such as plus, will have a presence in social networks.

"We tried to cover not only television but social networks, taking advantage of this is new, we do well to new generation but for all, we throw the house out the window because we will be premiering 24 chapters of 5 minutes, a web miniseries, with this we tried to attack all areas, so there is no reason for him. It is blessed with all the technology we can see what you like, "he said.

The famous involved time not ignore their participation as a conductor in a program "Amordidas" of sexologists Silvia Olmedo.

"Now he just logistics and strategy coincides in time and not cuadrapearnos to 100 on the novel by Gabriel and the other on 'Amordidas' and what comes first God, thank God thank you very much".

Actor invite people of León miss the novel that next June will be transmitted.

"Big kiss to all the people of León and they are not lost" Amor de Barrio ", I hope you will enjoy it, it is a project that we are doing them with love," he concluded.