Promo 1 Video: A que no me dejas - Camila Sodi

Promo 1 Video: A que no me dejas,  Camila Sodi - Univision notify a list of primetime in May during its initial presentation. One new soap opera will premiere this fall called "A que no me dejas." This is a new version of "Silent Love" starring Erika Buenfil in the 90s in a new adaptation by the creator of "Love Bravio", "When I was in love" and "In the name of love", this production has Camila Sodi and Osvaldo Benavides as his example. Will air in Mexico and will soon make its way to the Latin public later this year.
The first teaser of this soap opera has begun ventilation can see Sodi and Benavides walked on the beach and holding hands. It seems to be a great love story. Watch the full video below and tell us what you think!

Camila Sodi, niece of Thalia, was returned to telenovelas with "A que no me dejas." Megahit producer of "Love Bravio" This telenovela is a sweet love story that is sure to leave younger viewers speechless with anticipation every night. This is a story where despite obstacles and betrayal, love does not win, if not for the moment, at least, it will be in future generations.

It is a terrible story that power, envy, selfishness and the desire to have a tragic mark deep love between Pauline and Adrian, who managed to immortalize his love through his daughter Valentina and Mauricio his beloved. I hope you are happy watching.