Occasional Actress Revolution 'Yago'

Occasional Actress Revolution 'Yago'Gabriela no meio de ma Garza in the female lead, starts a series that leaves Televisa standards

The winds of change are here. books "zillion thousand chapters" story lines not going anywhere and characters that seemed considered from a cartoon sold out. Now it's time much shorter but better counted frames, players who gamble on risky tasks and high-impact stories. This is time to reports like Iago.
"Yago... Person Revenge" starts its background on 23 August at about 22: 30 pm hours in the Canal de las Estrellas. The plan is starring Ivan Sanchez, Francisco Piza? a, Manuel Ojeda and actress Gabriela de la Garza.

Gaby is an actress who knows what is gamble on the different, who plays the role of "Sara Madrigal", the female who opens both bliss and hell for "Yago" (Ivan Sanchez).

"The requirement we have is high, because the plot finally reaches national television, inch says De la Garza within an interview with this medium, adding that the recording of the series, 65 chapters, was an "intense experience because seeks to give visitors the highest standards of quality scripts, locations and cast. It is something that the population deserves. inches

"Yago" tells the account of "Oscar" (Piza? a), who falls in love with "Sara" (De la Garza), a woman with a dark past who betrays him in a trial where he is sentenced to 60 years in prison. Eleven years later, "Oscar" manages to escape, with a new face and name. Nowadays calling himself "Yago" and seek revenge for all those who sent him to prison, but what can it be that has really stopped loving "Sara"?

The generation of change

In a channel historically took over by soap operas, "Yago" becomes an exception, but also in a termes conseillés of what's coming, presents Gaby: "It touched me personally as an actress this change in the way we present the reports in TV".

"When We started working as an actress, he adds, there were no series, tv set was mostly telenovelas. Fortunately I actually get to this change and I open the doors to make things different and also in several tv set stations. The good thing about a series is quality. Each chapter is similar to a little movie. This particular project commitment like and leave a little seed starting in public taste. inches

Gabriela promises that the audience will not be disappointed in what you see. He anticipates that his character will be adored and hated, "but above all it is individual, and has taken hard decisions in very difficult times, like all". The focus of the series is in which to stay the public's cardiovascular, driven by these gusts of wind of change.

Manuel Ojeda, expert villains

Manuel Ojeda not more than that laughs. Although villain in many telenovelas, series and plays, the actor retains an outstanding sense of laughter offstage. Specially when it comes to describing "Dami? d Madrigal" the heartless dad of Sara, who causes his daughter to betray the love of his life.

"I've done many villains, but Damian is different, since it is a poor devil a devil (laughs). He is frustrated at his lower income and deceives everyone, but never accomplished his ideas. However a conclusion that will take the start of the novel changes everything for persoajes. "

With 40-year career, Don Manuel is not married to film, theater or television. "I feel comfortable on all platforms. I started in theater, then film and at the end We went to television. The film fascinates me greatly, how is fascinates me personally. However, I'm an professional of theatrical extraction, and since you brand, shows you you how to use the time, to exercise pure histrionics. And television set gives you an amazing popularity. In all My spouse and i felt good.